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Live an On-Purpose Life!

Do you ever feel like you are just reacting to the fast-paced lifestyles we live in today? Our goal is to help you set up systems or put in place ways of living that will make you feel more on purpose and less reactive to what life throws your way.

Services Offered

The list below shows you some of the many ways we can lift the weight off your shoulders…

  • Home and Office Professional Organizing
  • Move Management Services
  • Downsizing Assistance
  • Virtual Organizing Sessions
  • Selling, Donating, and Recycling Solutions
  • Support With Organizing After the Loss of a Loved One
  • Paper Clutter and File Management
  • Storage Unit Elimination
  • Time Management Coaching
  • "Life 101" - Important Document Organizing
  • Simplifying Your Space - Decluttering and Paring Down
  • Personal Assistant Services
  • Special Organizing Needs for Seniors, Families, and People Suffering from Add
  • Kids Organization - “Less Work for Mom” Systems
  • “Flow” Systems - Making Life Easier With Less Effort
  • Project Management - Do your clients need help? We team up with your company to keep your project on task
  • Consulting Services for Small Businesses
  • Public Speaking Events - "MVPs of Organization" Including Time Management Strategies (Customized to Tailor to Your Specific Needs)

How It Works

Let Us Put the Pieces Together for You

We understand that our clients all lead extremely busy lives. And sometimes, they are just trying to fit in a task that seems impossible. With our assistance, we want them to see how easier it can be when done well.

We help you with your vision for the space by deciding what items work with your vision and those that don't. Of course, if you have a specific project, we can come and get right to it. We tailor to your needs, and this requires no minimum hours.

Before and After click image for full size

Move Management Services

Over the years, we have seen a growing need for help with organizing, particularly when people are buying or selling a home. Whether it is relocation or a need for downsizing, you can find yourself in a transition, which requires assistance. These changes, when managed correctly, can be done efficiently and effectively.

At 2Much Stuff! Professional Organizing, we have teamed up with our clients to manage all the details leading up to and after a closing/move. Bringing in a professional organizer specializing in move management services can be a huge stress relief for you; making what can be an overwhelming task of trying to do everything yourself feel like a well-managed project.

If you would like more information about the many areas of assistance offered during this time in your life, just give a call to see how we can best facilitate for you.


Virtual Sessions

Just like a personal trainer, they don’t do the workouts for you. Instead, they guide you along with a strategy, coaching you as to where to begin and how to do it. Same concept applies with virtual organizing!

At a reduced price, we can virtually walk you through the steps to a more organized home or office – it’s easy to get started when you have an appointment in place. All you need to do is show up!

Want the overall game plan with homework? We can do that too and check in on your progress whenever you’d like. It’s easy! All you have to do is get started.


Your Successful


Starts Here

See Photos below for homes who have called on us for our Move Management Services:

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