2Much Stuff! - Simplify your space, life & time
It's easier than you think:  It's not about becoming a minimalist, it's about getting organized
First we discuss what your specific needs are and set up a game plan.
Second, you decide if you need 2Much Stuff! to come back to help you execute that plan. 
All it comes down to is the vision you have for your space; deciding what items work with your vision and those that don't. *Of course if you have a specific task we can certainly just come and get right to it.  We tailor to your needs. No minimum hours either.

Life can get overwhelming when we have too much stuff!  And today we ALL have too much stuff!  It doesn't matter what size home or office you have, it always gets packed to the brim! 2Much Stuff! is here to help you get on top of those piles and simplify!  So take a deep breath...it's easy to start and we make it fun!  ...and don't worry, caring about your priorities comes first.

A bit about me:
I started 2Much Stuff! in 2012 after years of helping people and businesses get organized. Helping people feel more on purpose with their lives, rather than so reactive to what life can throw our way, is the most rewarding part of what I do. I make a point to keep things fun and it's easier than you think!
Just like a personal trainer, I help clients keep focused on the task at hand, create new strategies, reach immediate goals where we create a positive setting to be held accountable and simply show up! I stress time management too. As I mentioned above, it's so helpful to feel like your life is on purpose. We are all so accustomed to reacting to what life throws us, wouldn't it be amazing to be a bit ahead of the game and less stressed out?
Some methods have a certain way of doing things and I started out that way too but years ago decided to let my clients specific needs direct us first & foremost! Then each client can get immediate results and breathe a bit easier.
To keep my clients motivated and energized, I do not require minimum hours (for local clients) - we all lead extremely busy lives and sometimes just trying to fit this in seems impossible.So I want you to see how easy it can be.

So, get on top of all of that overwhelming stuff in your home or office and let's simplify your space, life and time. 

See here for a list of services offered:
General Organizing
De-cluttering, paring down
Simplifying your space
Home &/or Office
Organizing your day: time management
Papers & paperwork, organizing computer files & emails
Photograph organizing
Organizing our minds: mindfulness, reduce stress, what we tell ourselves matters
"Life 101" - organizing important documents
Honoring sentimental items
Special organizing needs for Seniors, Families, people suffering from ADD
Kids Rooms, Kids Stuff
Special attention to the flow of the home and making life easier with less effort!
Selling/Donating/Recycling assistance (many options provided)
Moving? - Organizing & inventory before a move, unpacking services, paring down...
Have clients that need help?--De-cluttering before staging a sale of a home

Public Speaking Events: Contact us to set up our "MVP's of Organization" event including Time Management.  Customized speaking events can be tailored to your specific needs.

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